All data files in this archive are provided in netCDF format. For your convenience, read files in C, with an accompanying Makefile (see below), are included. There are also many software packages freely available or licensed with utilities to access the data in netCDF-formatted files. You can find a comprehensive list of these software packages at



Data File Descriptions

The two data files for this project contain time, geographic location, environmental, and along-track data plus 10 variables of taxa/particle abundance for the high magnification camera and 4 variables of taxa/particle abundance for the low magnification camera. These variables include unidentified copepods, diatom rods, acantharia, UID_teardrop_shaped, oithona_spp, sarcodine, larvacean, UID_protozoa, UID_phytoplankton, nauplius, calanus copepods, all other taxa and marine snow.

Data are presented here as abundances (#/L) of each taxa or particle in ~ 5 second time intervals. Along-track distance (km) is calculated from the geographic positions of the observations, in temporal order. Bottom depth (m) was measured from the shipboard Knudsen Echo Sounder; these data are very noisy. Position (latitude, longitude) logged from the ship's P-Code GPS. All other variables (pressure, temperature, salinity, density, fluorescence, light transmission, and PAR) were measured or calculated using sensors on the Video Plankton Recorder.