Published Papers

Ashjian, C., R. Arnone, C. Davis, B. Jones, M. Kahru, C. Lee, and B.G. Mitchell, Biological structure and seasonality in the Japan/East Sea, Oceanography 19, 126-137, 2006.

Conference Proceedings

Mitchell, B.G., M. Kahru, and J. Sherman, "Autonomous profiling physical-optical system (K-SOLO) resolves spring blooms in the Sea of Japan," 2000 Ocean Optics XV, October 16-20, 2000 (Monaco, Musee Oceanographique).

Stramska, M., D. Stramski, M. Kahru, J. Wieland, and B.G. Mitchell, "Measurement and modeling of inherent optical properties and remote sensing reflectance in the Japan (East) Sea," 2002 Ocean Sciences Meeting, ASLO/AGU, February 11-15, 2002, Honolulu, HI (Abstract OS11C-42).